There are some discussions on Mumsnet that are guaranteed to end in what we call a ‘bunfight’ – irate members arguing in a more or less polite way. These are the discussions that have the moderation team reaching for the gin.  

‘Am I Being Unreasonable to have a child-free wedding’ is up there with ‘formula feeding vs breast-feeding’ and ‘mother and child parking spots’ on the MN contentious hall of fame. 

Here at Mumsnet Local, we think that everyone should have the wedding that they want, but if you like kids at a wedding, then we have great tips from our users on keeping both the little ones and the other guests happy. 


1. Hire an Entertainer



Some venues have a room close to the main function suite that can be used as a creche/playroom/activity room. You can then hire an entertainer (see our listings in Dundee and Fife). Or if you or your friends have a childminder, ask if they would be willing to do this.
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2. Hire a Bouncy Castle 




You will need to have someone around to supervise (and to ensure that no drunk guests have a bounce later in the day!) but a Bouncy Castle is always a winner with kids. Only downside – we do live in Scotland, so if the weather is bad, then this will be a washout.

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3. Origami Kit



For slightly older kids – an Origami Kit will keep them amused during the speeches, and they can delight their relatives by giving them an amazing grubby crumpled bit of paper piece of art.


3. Hand Puppets 




These will keep little ones busy – they can whisper stories and wave to each other. Head over to Emporium 51 to make these yourself, or throw yourself on the mercy of Hazel, and she will sell you a couple! Hazel is also available to come along on the day and do some crafty stuff with the little ones.  



4. Wedding Activity Bags or Boxes 





What kid can resist a goodie bag? You can make these up yourself, or buy them ready made. Fill with a selection of activities – no felt tip pens though, for the sake of all the bonnie frocks! 


1. I Spy Conversation Game

ispy game


This one is better suited for after the meal, and is a great ice breaker for all the guests. Place a card, a disposable camera, and a pencil at each child’s setting, and see which kid can photograph all the items on the list first. You won’t need an incentive to get the kids playing, but a small prize for the winner is a good idea.
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While searching for pics for this article, I came across these images of a bride jumping into the water with her kids. That is one way of keeping the kids happy, I suppose!




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